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Boyne Valley Rapeseed Oil

Boyne Valley Rapeseed Oil

 Our farm is located in the lush & beautiful 
 Boyne Valley over looking Newgrange

Premium Irish Seed Oils

Premium Irish Seed Oils

Premium Irish Seed Oils from the Boyne Valley,

Co. Meath, Ireland

Newgrange Gold on Vegetables

Newgrange Gold on Vegetables

Want to make your veg more interesting? Try our Newgrange

Gold Garden Herb Roasted Vegetables



Newgrange Gold Rapeseed and Camelina Oil is grown and produced on our farm in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath. Our rapeseed and camelina is grown using the best tillage techniques, even our bees assist in the pollination of our crop. When we cold press our rapeseed and camelina we create the finest oil, high in essential fatty acids - omega 3, 6 and 9 and low in saturated fat. Our oil is 100% traceable because we grow, press and bottle it entirely on our farm. Our oil is a fantastic culinary oil with an amazing fruity taste, which is great as an incredibly healthy cooking oil, salad dressing, for frying and other culinary uses such as making homemade mayonnaise and baking.

Our farm is situated in the lush and beautiful Boyne Valley. It stares in the face of Newgrange and has watched every solstice since Newgrange was built. This is a truly magical place and it seems to fill our oil with just as much magic. Our oil is cold pressed on our farm where history plays a large part with the ancient ring forts and souterrains to be seen. The farm house at Crewbane is a Herdsmans house some 200 years old and it peers over the lip of the Boyne Valley giving magnificent views of the Boyne, the ancient burial tomb at Knowth and the lush flat plain that makes the Boyne Valley and our oil so special. It is often that you can see the deer roaming, a fox on the move and a buzzard coasting on the waves of the wind. All involved at Newgrange Gold are proud of the Boyne Valley and our oil.



We have recently had the honour of winning a number of awards for our seed oils. Our Camelina Oil has been awarded a 3 star Great Taste Award and our Garden Herbs Rapeseed Oil has been awarded a 1 star Great Taste Award this year as well a silver Blas na hEireann Award in 2012. We were delighted to find out that our Chilli Garlic Rapeseed Oil achieved the same accolade this year receiving a Silver Blas na hEireann award. 


  John Rogers, Farmer and Owner of Newgrange Gold Ltd.

 "Our Camelina and Rapeseed oils have a very special flavour and  there is no doubt the soil and method of tillage in our fields across the Boyne Valley from Newgrange has given distinction to the flavour. They are truly delicious with a real fruity quality. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy creating them"