Citra Hop Infused Rapeseed Oil

This award-winning oil has a light grapefruit citrus taste infused with a playful hoppy tang

Citra Hop Infused Rapeseed Oil


We are living in the greatest time ever for native Irish beers. This award-winning oil is inspired by the vision and creativity that has resulted in the astonishing richness and range of new beers now on the market.

The process is simple: We infuse natural, distilled Citra hop oil with premium cold pressed rapeseed oil – and hey presto! Magic happens.

Our customers – many of them enthusiastic disciples of great Irish craft beers - tell us they are delighted with the result.

Our hop-infused rapeseed oil adds a wonderful complex citrus zest when drizzled over salads on its own. It also makes a truly great ingredient in dressings or creating a beautiful hoppy mayonnaise.

Rapeseed Oil Newgrange Gold Newgrange Gold Offers a range of premium Irish seed oils, rapeseed oil, camelina oil, high in Omega 3 oils. Family-grown, cold-pressed rapeseed oil bottled in the heart of the Boyne Valley. Mo-fr 9:00-17:00 credit card, paypal $-$$ Crewbane Slane Co. Meath C15 PPA0 Phone: (041) 982 4273 Fax: (041) 982 4273 E-mail: Newgrange Gold Citra Hop Infused Rapeseed Oil Combine Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil and Distilled Citra Hop Oil and you have something special! Inspired by amazing Irish Craft Beer! EUR Price: €3.99 Condition: new

Unit Size Price  
Bottle Size 250ml 250ml 12 units for €40.50
Bottle Size 250ML-1-bottle 250ML-1-bottle 1 units for €3.99