Smokey Rapeseed Oil

Newgrange Gold Smokey Rapeseed Oil uses natural flavouring to bring you just what it promises - a delightfully smokey flavour!

Smokey Rapeseed Oil


We all love our marinades! Letting our meat dishes luxuriate in a succulent, mouth-watering mix of oils, herbs and spices before popping them in the oven or on the pan.

Close your eyes for just a moment and let your mind linger over the aroma!


This distinctive smokey essence is great for marinating big juicy steaks, dashing over poached eggs or just using as a simple bread dip.

Rapeseed Oil Newgrange Gold Newgrange Gold Offers a range of premium Irish seed oils, rapeseed oil, camelina oil, high in Omega 3 oils. Family-grown, cold-pressed rapeseed oil bottled in the heart of the Boyne Valley. Mo-fr 9:00-17:00 credit card, paypal $-$$ Crewbane Slane Co. Meath C15 PPA0 Phone: (041) 982 4273 Fax: (041) 982 4273 E-mail: Newgrange Gold Cold Pressed Smokey Irish Rapeseed Oil Newgrange Gold Smokey Rapeseed Oil uses Natural Flavouring To Bring you a Delightful Smokey Rapeseed Oil, The Perfect Base for any Marinade. EUR Price: €3.99 Condition: new

Unit Size Price  
Bottle Size 250ml 250ml 12 units for €40.50
Bottle Size 250ML-1-bottle 250ML-1-bottle 1 units for €3.99